• Wirral is home but partner lives in Surrey and we work in London. So we are currently at her house where the bike is staying.

    Planning on fixing up and using to commute into London.

    I have a dodgy hip, so am planning to attempt to sort out the electric start. Have an old starter motor so thought I may clean it up, currently no movement at all on…[Read more]

  • ps. I’m from the Wirral but am currently in Surrey as is the bike

  • Thanks for the advice, will start on those jobs, yeah I think the exhaust is probably the gasket doesn’t affect the running just a small leak you can feel.

    Am thinking I may do an oil and filter change too.

    Sounds like the electrics are suspect on these bikes, but may buy a basic toolkit, it has a small toolkit under the seat too.

    Would be nice…[Read more]

  • Hi

    Just bought a 1977 z750, I have had a number of bikes but never did anything other than ride them.

    I am hoping to learn about how they work and do some restoration, usual issues seem to exist, electric start doesnt work, no neutral light, no high beam light, indicators only flash when revving the engine, slight blow in the left exhaust where…[Read more]

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    • Hi Andy. Congratulations, it looks pretty original except for the exhaust system. Because they were originally made in one piece, when the silencers rotted I think it was common to saw them off and fit something else. They should be upswept but as the bend was in the silencer, fitting an alternative straight on ends up looking like yours. If you…[Read more]

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