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  • Hi Steve,

    I have the grab rail I took off my bike when I bought it in 1976 and fitted a rack. I’ve looked up my part no. and it’s the one you are looking for.  You are welcome to buy it for whatever you think it’s worth. The chrome is in reasonably good condition, might rechroming  depending on what you want. I could send a picture but don’t k…[Read more]

  • Hi Doctorot,

    I have fitted an oil cooler. Mine runs off a modified oil pump that is piggy backed  off the oil pump and the oil lines come out of the engine at the front of the sump and upto the cooler.

  • Hi Andy,

    Glad to see your still running the show. Without you there would be nowhere to get info on the old twin, plus it gives new owners  contacts for any problem they might have,

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    It should be as new condition when you’re done. I know it’s not cheap but will be worth it in the long run. I think my frame has been powder coated about 4 times over the years . I got a lot of parts from e bay in the u s a as it was a popular bike over there and no’s parts were cheaper than they are now.

    • The plan is to be as good as new. I’ve located some of the bits, as well as the bike(!) in the USA. You certainly need to shop around.

  • Hi coleoghf,

    Like all things trends come and go. With the retro  bikes around at the moment maybe the z750 twin might become more popular, possibly  more so than when it was new.



    1. Morning all, I have been a member before  but having not been on for a very long time thought I would renew my membership . I have a B1 I’ve had from new. Restored it in 1999 and am still using it. A very under rated bike in its day .
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