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So, Daughter Shelby’s BIG wedding over now [ Saturday ], just my eldest’s 50th birthday in 2 week’s time – and then my life is back to normal and I can have some “me” time !

The twin plug head is now ready [ thanx to KK ] and at the end of this month [ after birthday celebrations ] the bike IS coming off the bench and I can continue with the job of getting the chassis truly rolling. That is to say – wheel spacers etc. front and back to suit the Grimeca hub and the Borrani wire wheels.

Definitely going towards 60’s style Cafe Racer style now – Tomaselli clip-ons dusted off and polished, Manx tank [ dummy cover ] and the 7R race seat all going on. The Manx dummy tank will house all the electrics, Nitrous controllers, switches, solenoids etc. , while the fuel tank [ reservoir ] will be UNDER THE ENGINE ! Yes ……….. imagine a GP style belly fairing [ upside down Toblerone shape ], and then imagine that as a fuel cell – simples eh?

That means I have loads of space to hide all the ancillaries needed for the blower / nitrous. The 100bhp [ tee hee ] nitrous bottle will hide in the lower part of the top fairing.


BTW – are we “here” now and not over “there” ?



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