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Over the past week I’ve been looking into the blower drive take off that I was contemplating – ie from the alternator fixing bolt [ 12mm ]. It’s the only logical / practical place, but I was concerned about the torsional shear stress on the fixing. The blower will take around 15 – 20 bhp to drive, but it’s the inertia that needs to be overcome that’s a concern. Soooooooooo – back to the turbo then !!! What’s that about ” I used to be indecisive – now I’m not so sure” !!

The blower set up is much more familiar to me, but I do not want to take the risk of a marginal drive output. So I will revert to using he same take off to drive the Gixer oil pump for the oil cooler and turbo feed. The only good news [ ? ] is that I spent some months thinking about the turbo set up and planning the packaging. One of the major benefits is the much lower weight and compactness.

The decision was finally declared a no-brainer when our pal Der-Nanno informed me that he’s found a carbon seal turbo for his TR1 project. Thanx mate ! That means I can use the SU carb I have in a draw through set-up and I already bought most of the ancillaries I will need – boost gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil lines and fittings, etc., etc. That makes the whole packaging much simpler – including manifolding, even my 2 > 1 high level exhaust will easily hook up to the turbo flange !

So that’s the current plan [ D or is it E ?]

Today I got most of the parts round to my pal’s garage and he was busy fitting up extra fluorescent lights. We got the frame unwrapped [ like Christmas ! ] and set up on the bench and even got so far as to install  [ loosely ] the front and rear wheels so that we can take the measurements for the spacers. I’ve even found most of the scattered parts around my shed and am making a list of the other parts that I need – or need to find !


I hope to have the dummy engine installed this week as well so that we can start looking at the under frame fuel cell, turbo packaging [ AGAIN ] and etc.

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