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A new year – a new start.

First day in the garage and we have finally [ !! ] fitted up the front forks – oil and actually got the caps on without cross threading them ! What a fargin stupid design !! The wheel has been centralised ready to be measured for the new spindle / spacers, then that’ll be the front end buttoned up. STILL need a fork brace ? The one I bought was very nice – but not for my bike ! Still waiting for the refund. I think I might go all classic with the steering dampener – like the old fashioned Brit bikes – I even have a Manx Norton adjuster wing nut ! More work on positioning the blower / drive / manifolding / plenum etc. The good news is that everything has dropped neatly into place. We’re also mocking up the under frame tank, breather can, etc. Rear sprocket now fitted so we can get a base alignment for the rear wheel.

And finally, I removed the “new” [ 4 years ago ] gel battery from under the seat – and guess what – it’s charged up AND holding 12.75 amps after 5 days.



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