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Cleaned up and refitted the brake.

Had another look at the kickstart. Each time I fitted the spring and pushed the spacer in, it would stay until I moved the kickstart and it would jump out about 4mm, enough to bind on the cover plate.

I checked the cover plate and found it worn around 50% of the diameter. I checked another cover plate and it had no wear but had a clearance of 30 thou between the inner seal and the plate face. The worn one only had 15 thou at the highest point. Put the other cover plate on but no difference.

I used a small pick to drag the inner spring coils outwards and that stopped the spacer from jumping but the kickstart still sticks down. It’s okay until you fit the cover then sticks. There is a lot of play on the shaft before the cover is fitted but it only has one bearing, so I suppose it will have.

Back to work tomorrow so it’s all boxed up again for a couple of weeks.Looks like I’ll just have to tie string to it.

Tried to upload photos but didn’t manage.


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