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Go on, I’ll fall for it. What is kick shaft guide 13070-005.

On the running bike I have removed the cover plate with the oil seal, behind that there is the spring and an alloy spacer which slides over the shaft with a slot the entire length which allows it to pass the end of the spring which locates in the shaft. I also have this spacer in nylon, off one of the other engines.

When I mocked this up on a spare gearbox, with the crankcase covers loosely bolted together and a cover plate in place the kick start returned as it should.

On the plus side I am understanding the mechanics a bit better. Not sure if everyone else knows, or cares, how the kick start works. I presumed some form of centrifugal action like the electric starter, but no. It’s a really basic toothed dog with a lug projecting from it. When the kick start moves away from the rest position the dogs mesh with the shaft and turn the engine over. When the kick start returns to the rest position, the lug hits a small steel blade, bolted to the upper crankcase which moves the dogs against a light spring, and out of mesh.  Simples.

I don’t have the photos with me at work but how do I upload photos.

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