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Been very busy with life ….. few health issues, but more or less fixed now and back to the project.

The first engine will now be the Weber fed, Nitrous assisted lump while the blown engine [ probably Turbo ] will be next on the bench when funds allow.

The under frame fuel cell is now made [ 2.3 Imp galls ] and the belly fairing modified to suit. Wheel spindles and spacers / sleeves have been made and the headers mocked up and just awaiting final fettling for a good joint fit then a pal is going to tack them up prior to taking them off for welding.

New workshop toys – blast cabinet and decent compressor.

The dummy Manx tank is completed and the AJS 7R seat base has been fettled for fit. I tried “Classic Silver” on the tank and seat, but just didn’t look right.So it’s back to mean and moody Satin Black with red pinstripes and graffix.

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