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Andy, no rush.

I have orders for 5 sets of clutch springs from our German cousins – so they are getting spoken for.

I will order 100 [ 20 sets ] on Monday morning. I will put them on E-Bay etc. as I need to get as many sets spoken for before I have to collect – and pay !

Prices as follows for anyone interested

Retail £24.00
Club / casual trade £17.00
Sets of 5 / per order £12.00

The head studs are also a goer – 4 sets now spoken for in principle. I have to commit to 10 sets to get them to make up the kits. I’m trying to get an economical carriage service. I have one option for them to come back with a pal that’s going to the US. Problem is he might not be coming back until March. Nominal length of the long studs please ?

To bring them over with normal post would almost double the cost price !

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