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Hello Ownthesky

This is a great thread. I really love seeing how enthusiastic people can get when starting a project of this magnitude. The bike didn’t look as bad as it is turning out to be.

I am very impressed with the kick start mod. Did you make the pin yourself? And those carbs!!! I agree they are horrendous. Have you cleaned it all with thinners?

Paint wise I have just been put on to POR15 aluminium. One of our members painted his engine 10 years ago and it’s still looking new. Not cheap but well worth the money.

Many parts are still available new and I get a good discount at Zpower so shout up if you need anything. You will get a discount from Phil if you mention me and the club. I also have quite a decent stock of new and 2nd hand stuff so again ask.

Keep  it up and the posting.




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