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Hi KaptainKwak

I am fortunate to have worked as a machinist and engineer for a while and I have a machine shop at home so I make all sorts of bits for bikes as well as other things including a couple of model engines of my own design.

If I can find any photos I might post some of my GS550 project that will be very custom.

I will definitely check out that paint. I have noticed that the more expensive paints tend to go further so it often doesn’t pay to buy cheap paint.

Thanks for the tip regarding Z-power. I have already done a rough costing of some of the bits I will need from there. Mostly I have been matching stuff on ebay so far but quite a lot of parts are unique to only a handful of years of production so not easy to match.

I am struggling to source a new front mudguard at a reasonable price so I’m just keeping an eye on ebay.

I don’t have a big budget for this project so I’m trying to fix things rather than replace them.

I will update this soon.

Best regards



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