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Front caliper next. It looks worse than it actually is. They can be difficult to get apart so its best to loosen all the nuts and bolts while its still on the bike. The bleed nipple was very difficult but a lot of patience paid off.


I used compressed air to get the piston out and the front is very rusty but the rest is ok so I can probably re-use it.

Stripped and ready for paint

I wire brushed the daylights out of the mount after a good acid soak. The threads and the bores are the important parts and they are ok so I will just paint it. Most of it is invisible anyway.

Painted but no seals in it yet. Waiting for them to arrive. I re-coated the bolts and nuts in Blue chromate but I’m not convinced it worked properly. I think I will re-do it with the yellow chromate. I will use new stainless banjos and nipples when they arrive.

You may have noticed my cat teacup. My girlfriend got it for me as I like cats and tea. It takes 2 teabags to get a full shot in it :):)


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