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Clocks next. This is as they came off. Quite rusty but definitely usable. They can be tricky to get apart and a lot of patience is required. They cant really be repainted while they are still together.

The rev counter in all its bits. It was seized solid so I had to tear it right down.

Rusted solid but with a bit of wd40 and a lot of waggling its fine now, woohoo.

There was a dent on the outside and it transferred to the inner sleeve. You can see it at about 2 o-clock. I just bashed it out with a screwdriver handle and cleaned it.

Despite its age the clock face still looks nice.

Lots of stripping and cleaning on the shells

Many coats of paint later

One of the trickiest parts is getting it back together. First careful bending with a hammer and screwdriver

Then crimped flat with vice grips with masking tape as protection. There are probably better ways of doing it but this worked acceptably well.

I’m happy with the end result

On to the mounting bracket.

I decided to blast this as its just too complex. I don’t have a cabinet or even a decent compressor so I use this as a last resort. On some jobs its the only way.

I will paint this black and make new rubber pads from mouse mat. I did the same thing to fix my orbital sander and it worked well. The clocks are looking ok I think. I need to get some plastic restorer and to finish all the mounting parts. This is just loosely put together.


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