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Next up I started on the front wheel. As with everything on this bike it was covered in a thick patina. Many of the parts have been preserved by this but unfortunately the wheels both have a lot of corrosion. The rims are probably dead but I might be able to re-use the spokes.

First off the disc is removed

Next the tire comes off, an absolute pig of a job.

I tried cleaning the rim a bit and its definitely too far gone. The corrosion is worse on the inside.

Don’t forget to take some measurements before stripping the rim.

I did my best to unscrew the spokes but they were all seized solid so I ended up buying a pair of bolt cutters to remove them. Pity as it can cost up to £80 for a set of spokes.

Here is the hub after cutting the spokes.

I attacked it with a wire brush and scotchbrite wheel but there is no way I will get it clean enough like that so I’m going to sandblast it and then paint it silver. It will look pretty good with new spokes and a new rim. I also plated the axle bolt and spacers while I was at it and then did the rear axle bolt and swingarm bolt too. I cant fit the long bolts in the plating tank so I just plate the ends as can be seen in this photo. This plating kit is coming in very handy.

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