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Thanx Phil,

Finally found out the weirdness with my forks ! They were always suspected as not being stock items…………………. you guys told me !!!

Found that out when I came to fit my new fork brace !! My fork legs are 60mm dia at the top and not the standard 55mm ! My local machinist guy made me new 60mm clamps so at least I managed to save the newly engraved fork bridge ! He also made the bobbins for the new paddock stand. My machinist is going to give me a price for 10 off fork braces to fit the stock 55mm fork tops.

We’ve got the seat brackets made and mounted and ditto the “tank”. That has allowed us to site the position for the footrests, bars, etc. I’m also making up “bikini” side panels that will incorporate the race plate oval.

The belly pan fuel cell is almost completed, and we’ve mocked up the fuel delivery system – filler in back of seat hump.

After much toing and froing I’ve abandoned the idea of using the Dynatek DARC-2 ignition module which has a retard built in. There are FIVE different versions of the same base unit – and nobody [ even Dynatek ! ] could tell me which one I needed. The final kicker was that their unit requires 0.7 ohms coils – £165 ! Anyway, I dropped on a Czech company called Ignitech – courtesy of Michael who uses one of the units. The one I’ve selected has THREE retard modules and is fully programmable AND is 70% cheaper than the Dynatek !! Has a 3 year guarantee AND I can use the 0.3 ohms coils I already have.

I’ve ordered the alloy sheet to make the side panels, which I will have next week.


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