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Another good week of progress. The seat pattern making is now completed and all the fixings are glassed in. The side panel shape has been finalised and is ready to be transferred into 1.2mm or 1.5mm alloy. The top edge will be attached to the seat and that in turn will give the top edge a gentle curve …. nothing worse than a flat ally panel !

The “tank” fixings are now glassed in, and it’s been trial fitted so we can finalise the position of the footrest / bars / seat relationship.

The fuel cell is now finalised and we are just waiting for some more mat / resin to arrive so the mounting brackets on the belly pan can be completed. There’s a lot of prep required on the belly pan itself. As well as the mods we made, the whole thing wasn’t symetrical to start with !

Once the footrest mount patterns are completed I’ll get some 10mm alloy plate from our friendly stockist in Redditch. We’ll have to get them lazer / water jet profiled as they need to be spot on.

I finally gave up with the guy who said he’d weld up my exhaust “a week at the most” ….. that was 3 months ago – tosser. My machinist guy can do the job – so I’ll take all my odds and ends that need doing / plating at the same time.

BTW – if anyone can help with the previous request I’d be very grateful. I can’t order the Ignitech ignition module until I have that info.

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