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Hi Lonesome Twins,

I had some fun on the track with this little GPZ. The girlfriend of my son loves this bike and she wants to make her bike driving license until spring 2020. So this will be her first bike and we will modify it to be roadlegal again.

Here some pics:

My son following me on a Suzuki SV650S

so much fun

full brake after the start/finish straight, see how little space is between front fender and fairing!

need to remove the center stand 😉

rear tire after 135km on the track

the upper one is the already replaced front tire, now an Avon pure race tire (NHS) is mounted and that is the better one for the track.

Well, it was a good experience to ride a leightweight bike with slim tires on the track. You can learn a lot out of that, but I love my 750Twin more on the track.

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