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Hi Lonesome Twins,

the stainless steel exhaust headers arrived and it is hard to cut half of them away. That is needed to find the right angle to the collector. Only three parts of the exhaust are missing now and a special exhaust part that separates the collected exhaust gases to the two mufflers is ordered in UK !

Looks good to weld the exhaust parts, as far as needed, in the next few weeks and a hoop out of an Aprilia 125 rear frame to this Kawa frame to hang the mufflers on.

Fuel tank will get a new, modern cap of a Suzuki Gladius. Can’t find this OEM Kawa fuel cap. After it’s return we will weld the rear tank holder to the frame to fix it in it’s final position. After that I will look after the rear fairing and the seat.

A lot of other things to do as well 😉

Cheers, Michael

This part to weld into the Kawasaki tank

Nearly solved the conversion from 20mm to 17mm rear axle diameter to match the GPZ550UT rear wheel bearings.

New, matching 270mm brake discs. Anti-Dive-System will be removed completely when maintaining the front fork.

The tire size will be 90/90-18 front and 110/80-18 rear, same as with the GPZ305, but on wider rims. That should suit better.

This is the same rear tire on the narrow rim of the GPZ305 and I was real inclined 😉

It is very interesting to tune motorbikes, in theses cases all Kawasaki Twins, for racing purpose. Looking forward to be fast with the Z440 in a class up to 55HP and with the tuned 906ccm engine in the “Vienna” in 2020.
Race season starts in April 😉

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