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Further to my earlier posting, when I received the documentation for the bike it turned to be registered in June 1978, which fits for a B3, in Dover, Ohio. It looks as if it only had one owner and was last ridden in 1991. The recorded mileage is 16,500 and I believe it’s genuine. There was mild scuff damage on the right side and a broken front brake lever, it looks to me as if the rider has had a minor “off” and the non-replacement of the brake lever says it hasn’t been ridden since, but has been laid up somewhere dry. Mavericks have checked it thoroughly and there is no damage to frame, forks etc, it is simply mild cosmetic to the headlight rim, a scuff on the front mudguard and light abrasion on the underside of the brake pedal. It is now completely stripped down for restoration, but before doing so Mavericks fired it up and it sounds fine. After stripping there are no signs of significant wear and there are no score marks on the pistons or cylinder bores. It looks very promising. I have pretty much completed the process of tracking down the parts I need to restore it to as-new UK specification. Also I was very lucky to be put in touch with Andy Eaton, the originator of this site. Andy confirmed that the B3 was never sold in the UK which only saw the B1 and the B2. That means it never had the UK spec longer rear mudguard. However what I am aiming for will be a B3 in full UK trim, as it would have been if Kawasaki had offered it here. As sales in the UK were never great I imagine that they decided not to continue it here once stocks of the B2 had been sold. I am really looking forward to seeing this completed and rising it home. I would put some pictures up but still haven’t been successful in doing so.

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