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Thank you so much for the info. I thought someone had changed the indicator bulb holder. I never new the yanks had twin filament front indicators, so yet something else I’ve learned from here.


If you let me know how much you want for the side panel badges please 👍


I’m not what the deal is with the key. I only have one key, and it fits both the tank and the ignition. The seat lock has got no front so I can undo it with a screwdriver by just levering the mechanism open. The key itself has the logo melted off each side. I’m wondering if it’s a Honda ignition and key. Am I missing a plastic piece of trim from. Around the ignition barrel and indicators do you know?



Thank you so much, this knowledge is very welcome.


I’ve got a 1982 hard tail kawasaki z400 chop, 2 x 1997 kawasaki zzr600, a 1967 (I think) bsa bantam d5 (I think lol) in bits, and a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in trials trim. I know my way around bikes, so much to say that I fix, maintain and upgrade but I’m by no means an expert. The z750 is the hardest bike I’ve had to find info about so this website is an absolute goldmine of knowledge.

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