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I’ve taken a closer look at the bars and now don’t think they are original. The original ones are higher and more swept back. I’ve changed mine on the CSR from that style as I found elbows banged on your side when turning. The bars fitted look more Z900 style to me but better for riding in my opinion.

The cream side panel is the correct panel for the G model. Have you got a pair of the G panels?

I will get a couple of side panel badges and send you a PM.

Re the ignition switch i’m not sure what that is from but it definitely isn’t the original Kawasaki one. It could well be aftermarket replica or maybe even one that has been reconfigured to suit. If the petrol cap is original you should find that any key that goes in will open it. Not exactly secure I know but aftermarket ones are key specific. There should be a cover over the lights same as the B models. I will more than likely have one of those too.

It’s a shame about the seat lock as I have a full set of keys for the twins and could have had you one cut which would more than likely be the same key for the steering lock. It’s quite common to see this though as people lose the keys and don’t think they can get another.



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