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Endless Nameless

Probably worth pointing out that whatever I do get (and I’m afraid it’s looking likely to be the GS…) it needs to be a reliable commuter as the year after next I’ll probably do a paid year in industry out of uni and will need to blat to and from that, needs to be fairly docile in traffic when it needs to be as I might ride into uni from my new house next year, it’s just far enough to justify getting kitted out and the bike out the garage.
Also needs to be good for bunging some panniers on and trundling down to Cornwall for the odd camping weekend, trecking up the M5 to home every now and again… and good for blatting about the backroads.

Needs to look cool too- and I mean real cool, not modern “bling” cool!

Cor, not asking too much am I!

As far as I can tell the GS550 ticks most of those, it should be better than a lonesome in town being a bit smaller, although the lonesome must be torquier. It wont be great on the m-way, but should make up for that on the backroads…

Oh, I dunno, lets just keep the opinions going!

Must admit it wasn’t a bike I was considering ’till I was offered it, but it does make sense to me. It’d cost me under ?600 to get it on the road, and it looks pretty tidy in the pics i’ve been sent.

And the seller is a really genuine, trustworthy guy and I know if there’s owt wrong with it in his knowledge, he’d tell me. That’s worth a bob or two in my book!

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