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Thanks for the welcome. Damn, I havent heard ole JR evoked since I lived in Germany in the 80s lol. “…you know JR?”

Anyway, i’ve been lurking here and the other Kaw twin sites. Lots of great info. I’m in the process of caffeinating a 78 kz750 b3. Bought as a basket case for $200. Slowly it is now taking shape.

I am currently computer challenged as my home unit fried. I’m at work now. When I get a new computer (week or so) I’ll post some pics.

For now I’ll describe what I’m doing. Hope I dont offend the purists.

Clubman bars, cafe guages, all painted objects grinded down to metal and laquered, tank sanded down to metal and laquered. Hand made seat/rear hump. The rear is made from the rear part of a b3 tank. It too is sanded down to metal and laquered to match tank. Polished engine. New mac megaphones made specifically for this bike. What a find on ebay! Also like new chrome headlight. Also, going to run velocity stacks which I also stole off ebay.

All the electrics will be stored in the rear hump leaving the middle section open except for the battery. The side covers on the twin are arguably extremely homely.
The battery box is also ground down to metal and laquered.

I decided not to chop the frame so I can gracefully go back to semi stock. I have a tank and rear duck bill from a b1 (dark red w/ a nice patina) and a stock seat in nice shape.

I’ll get back with some pics in a week or so.


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