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Hi all, Steve from Australia.

I finally had the chance to do some longer K’s on my bike today, but whenever I rode at 100 km/hr for any longer than about 5-7 minutes, the power dropped right off and engine kinda spluttered (felt like I had choke all the way on). After stopping (or backing off to 80km/hr) it was OK again, but then had the same problem a short time later.

I was fortunate to be meeting a group of old bike nuts, so we had a look at the petcock filter (some crap, but not much) and drained ther float bowls (same story).

The plugs were blackish around the outer rim and the electrode was clean or if anything a bit whitish.

The body of the motor felt much hotter than usual (subjective, but there you go…)

The concensus was the bike was running lean after riding at high speeds (not noticed before as I live nowhere near any roads I can do any sustained speed on)

Here’s the question, what could be causing the starvation?

I will have a fiddle with all suggestions, but will need to ride for 1/2 hour at least to hit a high speed road for testing…

All suggestions, comments greatly appreciated.



1977 KZ750 Twin


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