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Hi all
I would just like to say thanks to all who have responded to my posts over the last few weeks, as this is my first Z twin I have been working slowly through things and the comments and tips have been very welcome.
In firing up the bike for the first time since 2003 I realised that I had made my first mistake in not chainging the oil first. It must have had quite an ammount of condensation in the engine because what looked like reasonably clean engine oil turned into mayonnaies after the engine had been running a while. So much so as it caused the clutch to slip so badly that I could not start the bike the next day. I have now drained the oil, stripped the clutch, cleaned all the plates, re-assembled it, filled with new oil, two new spark plugs and she fired up and ran beautifully. My only concern was that it ran a little too fast on tickover when warm, but do you think I could find how to slow the tickover down? I looked all over the carb and in the end I had to phone my mate who ownes a bike shop. After a brief phone call he had booked me in for an MOT for this afternoon (I was now legel to ride the bike on the road) so first stop was the petrol station where the tank took nearly ?12 of unleaded then off down the lane and onto the dual-carrageway. The bike ran so smooth and I was suprised by the ammount of torque it had (after resding all the crap reviews it gets) I was so impressed that I opened it up to see how it performed. It quickly reached 85mph on the clock (throttle not wide open as it is 31 years old) which I held for about a minute, I could feel a slight vibration coming through the bars which dissapeared at about 70, I then slowed to about 55 and rode to the Shop.
On arrival my mate said that there should be a screw to adjust the tickover between the carbs but we could not find it and after a few minutes of looking he found the adjusting screw by the left hand carb behind the fuel pipe. A few turns of the adjuster and it was running like a dream! After placing an order for a few parts and recieving advice on what needed doing for the MOT I took a steady ride home with a smile on my face! 😀 After getting home I fitted a new ignition lock and a seat lock thanks to again PHILPASS you are a Gentleman!!!!
I now need to drop the oil again, repair the starter clutch (it only catches when the engine is hot) more clean oil and a new filter, fitt parts on order find and fit a chain guard and its ready for its MOT.
To sum up BLOODY BRILL BIKE and thanks again for the help! 😀

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