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Hi Andy,
I will order a pair for you 😉

Hi AtLarge,
I am not sure if that is an order that you have placed.
“OE even” is not clear to me, sorry.

We just need to ensure that either you or me are placing the orders on the german Twin website to avoid double orders.
Might be easier for me to do that and I will look after “international distribution” 😉

I’ve announced that to Reiner, the manufacturer, to make him aware of your order / interest.

I have done the test installation of a sample pair today and it works perfectly !

First pic shows the old boots in the middle, the new ones incl. stock plastic plate holder at the outsides.
Holder plates not included, just reuse of the stock plates.

One part of the test installation was to swap the boots old vs. new. I am preparing an instruction for that.
“How to swap air intake boots”.
It took me 1.5 hours to do it without any stress and incl. taking some pics.

The other part was to test if I can get the carbs out and in again, while the rest is still installed. Yes, it works and it has never been that easy to do it 😉

Cheers, Michael

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