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So for those interested

My Bike is a Kz750 B1 (1976)

Its running a standard 750 CSR Exhaust

I have upgraded my Carbs to Kawasaki GPZ500s units so they are more reliable and more economic than the standard ones.

To do this I had to swap the standard 38mm inlet rubbers for ones off a 750 CSR these match the 34mm Gpz Carbs.
I have also had to set up a Choke Cable on the bike. I used a universal pull & twist car type used on old Mini’s

My Carbs are also running Pod Filters as I have done away with the standard air box.

This ment that I have had to adjust Jetting and Needle settings

Main Jets 134/5

Pilot Jets 40’s

Needle setting is 3rd notch up from the bottom.

I have then set my air screws to get the best running I can & then Balanced the Carbs.

This seems to give me quite good running. Well I’m happy and my bike now feels quite smooth. But I will have to get some miles on her as Michael said in a previous reply.

But If I have to make any other changes I will make sure I post them on here.

I hope I haven’t bored you with my obsessive posting of work I’ve done & that this information is of some use to somebody If not now maybe it will be in the future.

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