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Good luck HaHa.
They are not much more complicated than the little Hondas, it’s just more of them!
The same principles apply, start with an exterior clean then with a clean tidy worktop strip placing parts in order as you remove them.
The only extra bits are the diaphragms connected to the top of the throttle shuttle, these neeed to be checked for small holes or splits.
Clean, inspect and reassemble.
Pay particular attention to the gasket which is very important to the smooth running.
You problem if it is carburation sounds like it is either, fuel flow into the carb, float hight, blocked holes on the emulsifier, blocked main jet, float hight or a split diaphragm.
Popping on the overrun may be a leaking exhaust or inlet rubber, if no problem found adjust the pilot screw in on the offending side.
Please note it is very difficult to explain things without actually being there but I tried 😉
If all that fails try some carbs off another bike as the standard ones seem very temperamental, But to be fair mine work fine 😉

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