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Hi KK,

makes me want to play as well 😉

And there is still an issue, but easy to solve 🙂

The rear tyre !

It is road legal but it is not crude enough 😉
I’ve got it for half the regular price but it doesn’t really match the NHS front tyre.

Probably I will get that changed again !
These NHS tyres are just about 40,- Euros + work to change them.

There is another issue:
The paddock where we use to ride, the grass is starting to grow. It has to grow high so it can be cut then, dried and used as hay. We are not allowed to ride there in the moment 🙁
But we are allowed to ride on an acre 🙂 It is deep earth and mud there, I am afraid the current rear tyre can’t cope with that.

Looking forward to have a crude one as well for the rear wheel 🙂

Then we can play like real men !!!

Update on bike built tomorrow.

Cheers, Michael

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