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This coming weekend is boys weekend again.
We will do some work on the electrics. Maybe use some additional separate wires to gain final electrical function.
Then we can have a test run of the motor and finally a test ride 🙂

Maybe we will go to Vienna / Austria to pick up the seventh 750Twin. It is in pieces, has some modifications and a lot of spare parts with it.
Highlight is the front fork of a Kawa ZX9R !
It is a kind of “surprise box” 🙂

Vienna is 550 km single way away from us. Doing that with a car and a trailer (max. 100 km/h) in a single day both ways and we can start Saturday 12:30h at the earliest (lunchtime).
OK, let’s calculate 6h of travel time single way.
We will be there by 18:30h (early evening).
Packing the bike and additional pieces, having a chat, at least 2h.

20:30h, Saturday evening, ready to start back home. 6h of drive.
We will be back at 2:30h (early Sunday night) at the earliest !

We will see, not decided yet.
Have to ask my sons if they want to do that trip 🙂

Cheers, Michael

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