Re: Re: Doh!!!


Hi Kenny,

that’s to bad !

I am still wondering that the engine turns with that damage.

Heavy bending of the con rod and the destructed “foot” of the lower eye looks like there is the issue with seizing.

That bearing is oil-pressurised and the oil pressure can go away especially at this bearing if the large starter clutch wheel, that sits on the crankshaft, is either missing, manipulated or heavily worn.

I have stripped engines here and would give them away for a little fee.
Condition ?
I have to check, but to ensure proper operation a full rebuild seems to be inevitable. Probably with the same old components, but they need to be checked.

A hurdle is the shipping method and the price for it from Germany to the UK.
No idea what the cost will be.

Good luck !
Cheers, Michael

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