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Hi Kenny,

these are the BS34 carbs of the LTD models. Only one single “Throttle opener wire”.

Mounted in a B with stock fuel tank and fuel cock, you may cut a bit of a half of the plastic knob away to pull the choke completely. That will avoid contact with the fuel cock.

They are 34mm and only fit in intake boots from the LTD models, which seems to be already fitted. They will simply fall off from the intake boots for the BS 38 mm stock carbs.

I treat these carbs to be better than the stock ones, be happy !

There is a matching carb kit from Dynojet if you like to use single pod air filters like K+N, which I highly recommend, when this is the case.

Some technical information and a lot of pics about the BS34 carbs rebuilt can be found here:
Use your web-browser capabilities to get it translated.

I know these carbs quite well 😉
Any question ?

Take care to close the vacuum pipe connectors of these BS34. They are not needed for normal operation with the standard (non-vacuum) fuel cock of the B. Most simple way is to fit a tube from one connector to the other. Important is no fresh air intake through these “wholes”.

Remove the carbs, give them a clean (just simple clean to be dry again) and try again. Typically you don’t have fuel above the diaphragms.

Maybe I have misunderstood something and you have to explain it again or show some pics 😉

Cheers, Michael

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