Re: Re: Doh!!!


Thanks for the offers guys, I did get quite a lot of engine parts with the bikes, but it looks like I’ll have to see what parts will fit. I have barrels and pistons but whether they match or not. The engine has been rebuilt before, although built might not be the right word. I’m surprised it isn’t worse.
I took the good piston off and am amazed at Kawasaki’s engineering brilliance. The second ring is apparently a solid ring, it’s seized into the groove but I’ve gone round it with a torch and can’t find the ends anywhere, not a trace. The hunt continues.
I’ve also attached a photo of the points cam. The nut behind the bolt head has 2 grooves and the cam has 2 marks where I imagine there should have been 2 lugs, one of you guys might know.
I’m getting ahead of myself, but where do I get a VESRAH gasket set, I can only find the other type.

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