Re: Re: Doh!!!


A bit of mess isn’t it. I don’t remember that being in the advert. I do wish I’d had some paraffin.

The Kawasaki manual is quite good but doesn’t show every detail. Although I’m taking photos of parts before I dismantle them, some of the parts had already dismantled themselves. The starter drive cog was on the wrong way round, according to the manual, so I’m not confident that any of the rebuild was good. I’m particularly keen to see where nuts and bolts have washers fitted or tab washers, etc. I have had parts manuals before and they usually show every individual item.

With the engine out I was also deciding whether to paint the frame. Which leads to my next question. The frame is an LTD, but I also have a scruffy B frame. Are the geometry of the 2 frames the same or is the LTD more raked out.



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