Re: Re: Doh!!!


Another small hiccup, for being lazy. Tried to fit the carbs, but the rubbers on the B engine were much bigger diameter, so took them off the G. Are they different size carb bodies on the models.
Hot wired the ignition to a battery and kicked it over. It did fire occasionally but wouldn’t run. Now I remember why Kawasaki fitted starter motors.
Found the points weren’t closing every time. It looks like so much corrosion on the cam. Cleaned it up and reassembled and will try again tomorrow.
Went to fit the exhaust but the left hand port has had a repair and a 10mm stud fitted in one side. Not sure yet whether to try and re-thread it to 8mm or try and drill the collar to 10mm. It would have been easier to re-thread the stud before I installed the motor. Still smiling.

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