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Steve_Chambers wrote:
I have been trying to find an electronic ignition setup, but no luck.

Does anyone have , or can get, the pickup etc from an ’80 or ’81 LTD 750? This seems to be the only way to go…

Yep, now that Newtronic has been bought by Autocar, they aren’t manufacturing their Electronic ignition for 750 twins anymore, but you still might find them out there somewhere (eBay, etc).

Of course, Dyna does not make them specifically for this bike. One guy on another forum has touted his way of using half of a Dyna S (which has/needs no separate brain unit) for his twin.

Boyer-Bransden was contacted by some other people at a different forum and they said you could build one out of their parts.

Then of course, like you mentioned, there’s the later twin’s electronic ignition from Kawasaki. Those parts are coveted on eBay, I myself have even got a set there that I intend to use next year…

Good luck, and keep us abreast of your progress!!

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