Re: Re: Flat Tracker


I have all my new bearings now [ KK thanx for the timely reminder ]all ready to be installed.

Not so good news is that the powder coaters have had a huge run for one of their major customers, so wheels still awaiting treatment ……ah well after 12 MONTHS [ !! ] what’s another week or two ?!

I’ve also decided to have the fork leg bottoms powder coated in the same Red as the frame.

My log store [ lean to workshop ] is now nearly finished. That will allow me to actually work uncluttered on sub assemblies / painting / detailing etc.

I got a couple of 4 ft. x 18″ workbenches courtesy of E-Bay – £50 delivered !

Not the most robust in the world, but by the time I put a couple of worktops on and beef up the sides – good to go.

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