Re: Re: Flat Tracker


So, collect the box of powder coating and off home to assemble the forks – finally…………..but no – THEY’RE THE WRONG COLOUR – AGAIN!!!

After contemplating painting them Black – I decided, no I have PAID for these to be the colour I picked.

Back again, this time there’s a different guy there. He immediately spots the difference and tells me the correct colour is “3020”, not “3016”.

While they’re on the back foot, I slip in that the cush drive housing needs to be the same colour while they’re at it !

So, this weekend’s plans are out of the window.

Sort out the stainless cap heads for the frame attachments and finalise the seat mounts / undertray / side panel closer.

The side panel will actually follow the curve of the seat bottom, rather than the frame as shown.

Maybe a couple of louvres at the back for detail, not sure.

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