Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Remember back when – you guys told me I had a spurious front wheel ???

So here I am re-assembling my newly powder coated wheels, new bearings and all parts cleaned and detailed ………… “where’s the effing speedo drive retainer plate ” ?????

That was 3 days ago and over 3 hours of searching my not the tidiest in the World garage [ where the KZ was stripped].

So today, I abandoned the Workshop manual and checked out the disassembly pix I took …….. yep – NO speedo drive retaining plate on this model wheel ……….aaarrrgggghhh.

However, I DID find various parts for my next build [ Yam TR1 Cafe Racer ]- rear sets, rear lamp [ Ducati super expensive model ]and my brand new sprockets. Won’t have to search for them in the near future !

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