Re: Re: Flat Tracker


My pal just arrived back from the US where he’s spent the last 4 months working on his property – and gathering bits for us both for various projects !

He came back with 2 x Harbor Freight [ GBFO Machine Mart type shop ]spray guns. Superb quality and one’s got a 1.8 nozzle [ for Metalflake ]- get this £6 EACH !

Also found a pair of NOS top fork nuts [ mine have NO thread ! ]for £35.

The NOS Rectifier also arrived.

My replacement front caliper arrived yesterday – and true to the description – it is as new. However, I now find out the odd parts of my front end have come back to bite me !

The bike’s PO modified the OEM caliper mount to suit the fork leg mounts. Hopefully ALL I have to do is swap the mounts over.

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