Re: Re: Flat Tracker


And then the swingarm end caps came forth ………………….

Yep, whilst looking through one of three boxes marked “KZ750 parts”, I came across a couple of crud infested items that turned out to be the missing swingarm end caps !!! Whoppeee.

That means the swingarm can go in next week – a step closer to getting the rolling chassis on the floor.

The machine shop guy was away last week, so a trip down this week will hopefully see the fork top nuts sorted.

While I was in the shed, I decided to pull the under seat electrics tray off to finalise the seat mount brackets and finally position all the electrics. ALL now to hand, including the gel battery – £21 delivered – that’ll do nicely.

I stuck some hi-density foam on the inside of the tray to isolate all the electronic components – but I did remember to bolt some earth points through as well!

The engine / box has been gently soaking in Gunk for the last 4 weeks, so another Gunk down and power wash will hopefully get it pretty well ready for final cleaning and painting. Then it’s off to my pal who is going to weld up the Weber 40DCOE manifold for me.

That just leaves the exhaust as the only major farm out job.

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