Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Due to life changing circumstances I am having to abandon various car and motorcycle projects.

I am offering them first to forum / club members as the builds have been well documented with pictures.

[ UK based of course ]

ALL are to be termed “projects” to be completed. Most parts have been bought new where required or refurbished. ALL will require some smaller parts to complete.
It would be great to see at least some of them completed before it’s too late. All are unique in their own way and once completed would not be seen as someone else’s makeover.

This is a deeply regrettable situation as these projects have been my ongoing passion for the past 4-5 years. Bikes in general for almost 60 !

Of interest [ or not ! ] here is
my Kawasaki KZ750 [twin ] Flat Tracker, but as that is almost complete, I’d prefer to sell it as a complete package.

All will be open to sensible offers – failing that they’ll go on E-Bay [ UK ]. There’s a 9 months + time frame for this – so I won’t be giving the stuff away. I’m based in the Midlands area – B98 7JT

I’ll still be around the forum for the foreseeable

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