Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Another bonus – I can forget the complicated brake linkage – haven’t looked at the gear linkage yet ! As I was checking out the fuggly OEM brake lever for any useful bits – and hey ho,with a bracket welded on and the main part of the lever chopped off – I have my linkage ! Simples………..

Just requires tidying up / painting and then all the OEM connections work. I have managed to lose the little bracket that holds the rear brake light switch – any takers ? Oh yes, and the diaphragm that goes inside the rear master cylinder.

It’s obvious now that I can’t assemble much more in my shed, so I have to clear a space in my garage – once done I have access to my hydraulic bike lift. So there really IS a deadline now, as I don’t want to be working up there too much in the Winter.

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