Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Don’t want any more of them there tests thank you ! That’s 6 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Results promised within the week.

While I was in the shed feeling sorry for myself – I decided I didn’t like the matt finish of the textured paint I used on some of the components. So stripped all the parts back down and a swift rattle can Satin Black finish has now been sprayed on – MUCH better.

So how to keep the next 7 days from dragging by while I’m waiting for results ?? GET STUCK IN !!

I decided to start on the tank today – it was still in the roughly shaped filler coat – all over [ last pic ]. Yes it was THAT bad originally. Looked good until I had it blasted. Showed up all sorts of mayhem and dents.

So an hour later I have the first knock down pass and actually isn’t that far away from shape !

I’ve subtly reshaped it to get rid of the flanged fabrication joints around the bottom and front to give it a smooth transition to the edges.

My new chain arrived today, number plate yesterday – marching on now !

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