Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Yes – agree with that Michael. I had a Guzzi Cafe Racer many years ago that was “all Red” including a Red suede seat !

Yes with the Black – Suede side or Leather side ? Has to be Red stitching I guess ! The leather is a perforated [ Jag ] hide. I finished the seat mounting brackets off today – so it’s ready to go to the upholsterer this weekend.

I made a second knock down pass on the tank – much closer now, and doesn’t look too far away with a coat of primer filler. However, we all know how that flatters the finish !

Tripped over my Grimeca hubbed / braked Borrani rims in the shed – surplus from the sale of my TR1 Cafe Racer as the buyer didn’t want them [ !! ]. The rear hub is from an XS650 Yam and the spindle fits !

The front spindle is nowhere near – but I’ve now got a tame stainless spindle maker …………..hhhmmmm.

It’s unlikely I’ll get the cost of them back [ close to £1800 with build, tyres etc.]…… Maybe

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