Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Public thanx to KK for getting my latest Weber manifold done – work of art. AND it looks the canine’s cajones.

Rear wheel / hub all assembled now – even the sprocket was as new !

I’m leaving the sprocket off for now, as others who have used this set up say a spacer ring is required to help centralise the wheel. So, I’ll measure up first before I bolt it up.

The tank has come out exactly as I’d hoped. I’ve “lost” all the “pie crust” pressed seams, and the filler cap depression / furniture has also been deep sixed. The threaded adaptor neck for the Monza cap has now been modified and I’ll “glue” that in place when the final prep of the tank has been done prior to top coat.

Anyone got a fork brace they’re not using ??

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