Re: Re: Flat Tracker



I decided to move the small bike stand from the garage to my shed – and ended up mounting up the frame on the bench.

Just a short leap then to preliminary fitting of forks, rear wheel and the front wheel.

By that time it was too cold to carry on – so tomorrow it’s centralise the wheels and have an initial measure up for spindles.

Fortunately the front [ Grimeca ] spindle is long enough for the fork spacing. Just requires some sleeves making up to bring the diameter up to fit the fork caps.

The rear looks OK, but I’ll have to modify the sleeve [ for the disc brake mount ] or get a new one made.

I’ll also sort out which sprockets I’m going to use, then I can see about centralising for the sprocket. Can’t really finalise that until the engine is in and I can align the chain run.

While I’m at it, I’ll remove all my reconned hydraulics and lines etc. that I won’t be needing. That also means junking my rear brake set up !

New torque arm will have to be made – I’ll probably go with Rose jointed rods front and back as I’ve got a load of odd ball joints that need using up !

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