Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Thanx for the tips Michael.

Alternatively – I could hide everything – including the turbo !!! That would cause a few surprises at the traffic lights !

However, I DO belong to the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” school of thought.

As this project is evolving [ not planned initially ! ]there are no real hard points and every day brings useful info from one source or another.

Yes I think an alternate tank so I can use either for styling.

I just sold [ last year ] an alloy Metisse tank ! Arrrgghhhh.

A second oil supply source is imperative. Chris LWG of this parish has made a superb system, but sadly a one off. Primarily that was to feed an oil cooler on his 865cc bike – ideal for my purposes as I could go via an oil cooler direct to the turbo thus killing two birds with one stone – and the advantage of cooling oil direct to the turbo.

Did I mention twin plug head? – again courtesy of ChrisLWG’s development work.

Michael – STILL having problems logging in to your site, even with the new password you sent me ?

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