Re: Re: Flat Tracker


Hi Beachcomber,

I love the violent yellow !

I don’t like the pale yellow, but that may lead us to mild beige.
Beige color, brown leather seat and grips and white stripes may be an “old school” alternative.
Adding some sort of “knee pads” or even a blank (not painted) part of the tank in that area may complete that look.
Polished part often seen at partialy painted aluminium tanks.

One of “my” guys said:
“You can’t beat blue when it comes to bike color!”
He prefers a light blue metallic color.
Would that be an option?
Don’t think so with the red frame !

As I have a lot of black bikes, I will do one in white next time (not a Kawa Twin).
I am faszinated by the Gulf Racing design and may use that when time comes 😉

Cheers, Michael

PS: Nice cars 😉

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