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And the newest most stupid thing …………… to ASSUME that the KZ [ like 90% of ICE engines ]runs clockwise viewed from the right. Or like most car engines clockwise viewed from the front !!

Thanx to Carsten over on the German site for pointing out the error of my thinking !!

Here is my excuse [ apart from a lifelong experience of clockwise rotating engines ! ] – apart from a 20 minute ride on a pal’s bike, I have no experience of a living, breathing engine. My engine has been dead on the bench since I bought the project 6 years ago and to date – I have never even looked inside !

Oh yes, my BMW Kay engines ran counterclockwise.

It would have become obvious when my new OEM workshop manual arrives next week, but Carsten has saved me a whole lot of trouble with my pump – even though it is easily remedied.

In fact, driving from the alternator side makes the packaging / installation a lot more simple.

So – suitably embarrassed at my own lack of knowledge – public thanx to Carsten.

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